Friday, April 27, 2007

Alexander Nevsky (1938)

And man, what a first hour that was propaganda, but damnit, it was GOOD the time they're preparing to go fight them (and in fact up until the big famous ice battle begins), *I* was really do go fight for ol' Mother Russia...the Germans throw babies into FIRES! WHAT!)

...but then the battle started.

In what amount to endless shots of a bunch of Russians with determined looks and pointy helmets waving axes around while a bunch of other people shook sticks around in the background; it slaughtered the momentum as well as the Germans, and after that, I was just waiting for the credits...

But that first hour at least puts it to a strong 8 (although I was ready to give it the crown of 1938, but the fact that The Adventures of Robin Hood's swordplay was eons more exciting, better choreographed and more personal, this ended up barely making third (losing to The Lady Vanishes and nearly to Angels with Dirty Faces)

I still definitely prefer it to Ivan the Terrible, Pt. 1, though...

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