Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Born Losers (1967)

Ah look, the origins of Billy Jack.

Now I haven't seen the famed Billy Jack, but I have seem the behemoth mess The Trial of Billy Jack, and although this was a far better film, we never got to anything as memorable as Billy Jack beating up Jesus (it's almost worth the price of admission to Trial)

Anyway, onto his origins:

From what Billy Jack appears to be, it seems to just have transposed rednecks for this movie's bikers, because this is a half-assed biker movie, served up with a healthy plate of moralizing about parents being at fault for their children's rebellion (among other things)

Elizabeth James plays Vicky Barrington, a biker chick (or, more correctly, a chick who likes riding bikes) and she's accosted by a motley group of biker fucks lead by Danny Carmody (Jeremy Slate), and featuring men with names like Cueball (who isn't bald), Gangrene (who is quite scruffy) and Crabs (whose name is quite literal, ha), and she's taken in and attemptedly raped, but escapes...and is recaptured. Thus, supposedly half-Indian (but more like half random-acceptable-stereotype-for-villains-to-use) Billy Jack springs into action, and more of less goes to kick everyone's ass. (Although, if not for Vicky "taking one for the team" in a crucial scene, they'd pretty much all be dead.One of the better B-grade biker pics I've seen, but that's not saying much. 6.5/10 (#13 in my 14 of '67)

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