Saturday, April 28, 2007

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965)

Holy bejeezus, I didn't realize movies were allowed to be this fun!

A glorious story of three big-breasted sociopath go-go dancers on a crime spree...well, perhaps not a crime spree, but she does randomly kill a dude because he was reckless in a race, and by 20 karate chops and a backbreaker, BAM, that motherfucker's done...

Then she runs into a lecherous old cripple and his mute son (The Old Man and Vegetable, as they're credited) with the dead guy's little girlfriend in tow, and they have a silly chicken dinner and a fabulous couple chase scenes as the girl runs away and everyone keeps finding her (first the Old Man's other son Kirk, then the Old Man and Vegetable)...and, goddamn, I'm out of breath, I'm having too much fun to even type anymore. Easy top 250 place and narrowly beats out Alphaville for best of '65 (this may change, but man...)

To suffice, here's a picture of some of the main draws of this film:

Tight, consise and full of titties. What else could one want?

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