Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Short Film about Love (1988)

Thankfully, it went the way of Three Colors: Red and not The Decalogue (although I've only seen the first four films of the 'logue, apparently the sixth film IS THIS MOVIE, just edited down, so I'm really going to look into re-watching the first four and watching the rest...

(Also, considering my recent luck with Stalker, perhaps I'll rewatch all the classics I didn't like (ha, okay, I won't get ahead of myself )

But The Decalogue I definitely gotta recheck because I guarantee you I will love it this time!

Anyway, back to this movie,
amazing meditation on the torments of love (and strikingly similar to one of the main sequences in Happiness a decade later...)

Bad luck for it though, although it might make my top 250, it will be no higher than sixth in my 'favorites of 1988' (my #5 film, The Vanishing is #162)

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