Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Crash (1996)

Well, I just watched this, and it was, dare I say, instantly forgettable...

In fact, I started watching another film directly after it, and I thought back to what I had watched that day, and went back to Underground, which I had finished that morning, as opposed to Crash, which I just watched...

From what I saw...I pretty much got the metaphors given, but it just seemed monotonous...it was interesting for the first, say, half hour, and then just kept repeating itself over and over, and just got, yeah, monotonous...This was my fourth Cronenberg film...Videodrome came the closest to achieving "liked" status...I thought A History of Violence was good but ordinary, and Naked Lunch was meandering and forgettable (so much so that, despite the fact that it's NOT, it made the meaningful SEEM meaningless, seem like it was being "weird for the sake of being weird")

But back to Crash...I was definitely with it during the first half hour, but then, it didn't GO anywhere, and there was seemingly no character arc, it was just sex scene, car crash, repeat.

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