Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tokyo Story (1953)

"And although I don't know if it's the eighth best movie of all time (like the top 1000 I frequent has it at), but I certainly have no PROBLEM with it being there...an amazingly "average" movie, it manages to move you based on simple, human drama and emotions...there's no tearful close-ups, there's no weepy, melodramatic strings...the characters aren't complete cardboard cut-outs...it's the tremendously, tragically real story of a couple whose children just grew from them, and grew into selfish, greedy people who do love their parents, but really don't have any use for them. Amazing..."

Damnit, in the time since I wrote that, I definitely think that although it doesn't deserve eighth, it sure as hell deserved 22nd...

#22 on my top 250

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