Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Vacancy (2007)

A tight, concise little thriller.

Manages to establish the main couple as real three-dimensional people without mincing words or getting mired in unnecessary passages or subplots, working on a lean, mean 85 minutes, it thrils, it chills, and other than ending fairly perfunctory (although I thought even that worked out of a real situation, with one glaring question I won't disclose here)

Good performance by Luke Wilson, although even his comedy has that kind of smarmy, fearful air that fits well for both sides of this performance (both pre- and post-scaryasshotel), and Kate Beckinsale doesn't have a lot to do for most of it, but then again,she really shouldn't anyway, since they're both just scared and confused, and a preposterously creepy Frank Whaley performance who I would claim to be a bit over-the-top if I didn't know guys exactly like that (including one who lived in my basement for an entire year. ha)

Good stuff, even if a bootlegged Spanish-subtitled cam-vid...8/10

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