Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Stalker (1979) (THE RE-BIRTH!!!)

You may recall the achingly disappointed review I gave Stalker earlier...

Well, I decided to try again.

I don't rewatch movies I love, much less movies I hate, but I thought there might be something here.

And guess what?


I didn't watch the film the entire way through...I started about 10 minutes before my attention flagged, knowing everything before it was top-10 anyway, so it helped me focus more sharply on the part I needed to focus on, and man, I GOT it. Don't cut a minute! (Okay, maybe a few minutes, but...)

I'm guessing it was just fatigue, because I watched like 5-6 straight movies yesterday, and just suddenly tuning out like I did, I realized I had actually zoned out quite a bit and missed quite a bit.

Now the film has reformed in my mind, and for any of you who read my analysis, remember that first version, where I had it in my top 10?

...Just pretend that's the one I posted It's #10. (I also decided, out of nowhere, that I liked The Treasure of the Sierra Madre better than Duck Soup...so, check the profile for the updated standings...if I can ever figure out how to do it.

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