Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A few more...

Hard Eight (1996)
Paul Thomas Anderson, who has made three of my all-time favorite films with his second, third and fourth films (Boogie Nights, Magnolia, Punch-Drunk Love) has disappointed me with his first. A film that bears the glorious style and fabulous acting of an Anderson film, but missing the brilliant writing and epic scale, and also bears all the hallmarks of a short film blown to feature length. Philip Baker Hall is still the man, though, and I can't wait to see Secret Honor. C+ [18th in my Forty of '96]

Saps at Sea (1940)
A fun, slight little Laurel & Hardy B-picture that include a bunch of amusingly obnoxious set-pieces (they work in a horn factory!) and is under an hour, guaranteeing it doesn't overstay it's welcome. A fair stopgap for watching better films. C+ [14th in my Fourteen of '40]

Fearless (2006):
As expected from a Jet Li movie, there are some vicious fight scenes. Sadly, a lot of lame, cliched, simply-written drama fills up the rest. It was a decent way to spend 100 minutes, but certainly not worth sitting through again (just watch Hero or Once Upon a Time in China if you'd like to see fabulous Jet Li fights coupled with an actually compelling bit of storytelling. C+ [37th in my Fifty-Three of '06]

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