Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Gays & Girls in Prison

Hell's Highway (1932): A bit of a baby brother to I Am a Fugitive in a Chain Gang (despite being released first), this was an interesting, gritty look at why you didn't want to commit a crime in Georgia. B-

Ladies They Talk About (1933): A fun, interesting movie with the always great and supercute Barbara Stanwyck, despite the fact that jail in this film is presented as what amounts to a day spa, with women singing, getting their hair done, and just occasionally having disagreements. Slight but fun. C+

Caged (1950): A B-picture yarn that is FAR more effective and quality than it has any right to be, this film is pretty much known as the best of the "women in prison" movies, and it shows. The film is fabulously acted (including a few Oscar nods), well-plotted and realistic. A major high five for this one. B+

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