Monday, June 4, 2007


Broadway Danny Rose (1984):
It was a great "Woody Allen Film", and like all great Woody Allen Films, it was turns bittersweet, hilarious and touching. A-, #3 in my now #12 of '84 (behind two of my all-time favorite films, Amadeus and Once Upon a Time in America): A- [3rd of 12 films of '84]

The Long Goodbye (1973):
And I have to say, I wasn't that into it.

It mostly just seemed like a pretty standard film noir, with snappy dialogue and a convoluted plot.

I usually like Elliot Gould, but I was just not a fan of his Marlowe here. This is not Philip Marlowe, it's just some guy with his name. Hell, I prefer Dick Powell's wimpy but charismatic essaying of the character to this. He has nothing to do, makes no stances and is mostly just there. The wisecracks come off as annoying rather than clever and funny, and the plot is a standard bore noir.

I dunno, I just never connected with it on a single level, and I've read that many of the problems I had were Altman's intentions, and, then I have to say he made the movie he wanted to make, I just wasn't a fan.

Still count Altman amongst my favorite directors, but this is my least-favorite, at least until I see some of his real missteps. C- [13th of 16 films of '73]

The Man from Laramie (1955):
A fascinating western with refreshingly complex characterization (i.e., the characters aren't all just white-hat good guys and black-hat bad guys). The bit of a romance is a bit half-baked, but they don't take it as far as some, thus, it doesn't become much of a problem. Excellent film. B+ [9th of 19 films of '55]

The Shop Around the Corner (1940):
One of the movies that keeps avoiding me, but I finally got it, and it was a charming, beautiful, lovely little romantic picture. High five. B+ [8th of 13 of '40]

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