Friday, June 8, 2007


Scorpio Rising (1964): A fabulous, fascinating, groundbreaking short film that broke that ground in the forums of ironic juxtapositions of music to screen, and a great almost sarcastic 'outing' of biker culture. Wonderful. A

The Conformist (1970): Although I wasn't blown away by the narrative, it had a pretty crazy ending and the compositions and cinematography is some of the greatest I've seen in my life. Some of those shots man, whew. Anyway, thought it was interesting, and Dominique Sanda might have the most beautiful mouth in the history of cinema. It's refreshing to find a director that knows that eroticism takes more than just tits and intercourse. He's a sexual director for those of us who thought the beach story from Persona was the most erotic thing they'd ever heard, me included. Well done, Bernardo, well done. A- [#2 in the Eight of 1970] (Two months ago, I had seen two films from '70, and, through no deliberate choosing, I have seen six since, and all six of them have been sandwhiched between MASH and The Arisocats (my #s 1 and 8, respectively )

Seven Men from Now (1956): A upper-level traditionalist western with a fascinatingly vengeful performance by Randolph Scott and a few extra twists and turns, pleasantly surprising in such a staid genre. B [#6 in the Ten of '56]

The Leopard (1963): Sumptuously beautiful but languid, lugubriously talky, sleep-inducing affair. Like a less-interesting Italian Gone with the Wind, or, from the same year, a less-interesting The Cardinal: C+ [11th in the Twelve of '63]

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