Thursday, June 14, 2007

Quick shot...

Leolo (1993): A fabulous film, a fantasy coming-of-age tale that doesn't shy away from the harshness of reality, there's a lot of funny fantasy stuff (such as his father not being his father because he's fat and crazy, and he positing that his real father, a Sicilian, masturbated on a crate of tomatoes that got sent to his town, had his mom fall on the tomatoes, one went up her skirt and impregnated her), and yet, there's bestiality (not in a fun sense, poor kitty), attempted murder, clinical dementia, bullying (in a fairly sad scene) and LOTS and LOTS of defecation. Amazingly fun movie. A

Hour of the Star (1985): A remarkable portrayal of a completely unremarkable person, a look at a shy, ignorant, possibly mentally retarded young woman who is so blissfully unaware that she works as a typist, is terrible, and doesn't even realize it. Other than the random, unrealistic final shot, the entire film is beautiful in the fact that nothing really happens. Also, the film exhibits how ignorance may be bliss, but when something like heartsickness (however non-romantic the relationship was) rears it head, it just is more confusing, leading to her taking lots of aspirin. Anyway, beautiful little movie. A-

Forty-Eight Hours (1982): A fun film, one of the few films that really exhibits the hallmarks of both a good action movie and a good comedy. It's a solid 25 minutes before Eddie Murphy even shows up, and there are very real, very dangerous situations despite peppering some huge guffaws in-between, enjoyable movie with his rewatch value. B

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