Monday, September 24, 2007

Girls in Uniform (1931); Zero for Conduct (1933)

Girls in Uniform: Although the VHS tape was old and worn-down, the picture skipped a bit on quite a few occasions, and the subtitles were mind-numbingly difficult to read [I can't figure out who decided white subtitles laid over a black-and-white picture with very little black was a good idea], but what I COULD see, I liked a lot. It was an interesting look at a taboo subject loooong before it became acceptable to talk about it, and with the eroticism that flares up during each time two women gaze into each other's eyes with their noses touching, knowing at least one of them is enjoying it in a sexual sense, in addition to the jabs at fascism, you can imagine why 1931 America and 1931 Germany were not pleased with this film, and it was unseen for a long time. The film is one of the least-awkward films pertaining to sound either, the camera and the people move, and the film takes as many excuses as it can to show music [someone playing a record, the choir singing, etc.].

Nothing life changing, but quite a quality film. I liked it. B

Zero for Conduct: It's like If..., except instead of monotonous schoolboy bickering with an awkward, nonsensical ending, we get an inventive, vivacious, hysterical, charming, amazing film that features fabulous sequence after fabulous sequence, plus a stunningly beautiful slow-motion sequence involving feather pillows and a tyrannical midget leader with a giant beard! I mean, what the hell more could you want?!? Finally a film of substance to put alongside Duck Soup in the "best of '33" [I love Gold Diggers of 1933, but I wouldn't dare suggest it was a story-oriented film [laugh]

This film exhibits the tragedy of losing Jean Vigo I think far more than L'Atalante, which was charming but failed to linger in my mind past its viewing. This film is just sheer exuberance. AND HAS A TYRANNICAL MIDGET WITH A HUGE BEARD! A -

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