Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On (1987)

This documentary was ridiculous, this man is fucking insane, he's like Michael Moore to the eighth power. Think about that. He's like A more abusive, abrasive, in-your-face Michael Moore.

His thoughts are that a few members of his platoon were killed for suspicious reasons by other members of his platoon in WWII. He spent THIRTEEN YEARS of hard labor jail thanks to his anti-Hirohito activities, and he wants to go accuse the people he thinks are inform him of how and why these people died.

So, he drives around in his van with a giant sign out front that says, essentially, "Fuck the Emperor", and is just totally abrasive. He went to a prison to take measurements for the cells (to apparently build one in his house, ha), and as he was leaving and the cops were escorting his van out, he was taunting them, "DO SOMETHING! GO AHEAD! I DARE YOU!". And you may think that's just my approximation, but no, that's a direct quote.

And then, there was this...he met this medic that was apparently present when they were shot, and the guy attempted to shut him out, and leave after being accused, and when he tried to leave, our gracious subject JUMPED UP AND FUCKING TACKLED HIM. He ended up socking the man in the face several times, and he's sitting on his chest going, "I SHOT AT THE EMPEROR!" and the guy goes, "No violence, please" and he said, "YOU DON'T KNOW VIOLENCE!" and socked him in the face

He ended up finding the siblings of the men who were shot, and they go and verbally attack people who supposedly killed their brothers, and the film leads to a shocking turn of events before its conclusion. The second hour mostly treads water and revisits the same stuff (although he does almost beat this other guy up, getting off only a swift kick before being pulled off), but finishes with a shocking conclusion. Fucking nuts. A-

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