Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Other random'uns...

Sans Soleil / Sunless (1983): Fascinating documentary/travelogue/meditation, B+

Cannibal!: The Musical! (1993/6): Terribly overlong, but a lot of fun, especially for a student film; shows the inklings of Parker & Stone to come four years later, B-

Shrek the Third (2007): I may immediately watch, say, Are We Done Yet? just to see if it can get worse, because Shrek the Third is easily the worst film I've seen this year, and it has nothing to do with low quality as much's a 100% rehash of the first two films. I never audibly laughed at a SINGLE LINE IN THE ENTIRE FILM, and possibly half-smirked once or twice, because I LAUGHED AT THESE EXACT SAME JOKES when I was 13, when the original film came out...I mean, good lord...from the opening joke, it was just treading water, I was just waiting for the film to end. The film looks amazing,'s not there for you to laugh, or smile, or enjoy yourself. It's just there to make money. And, more than that, it's just there.; D+

The Last King of Scotland (2006): Wonderful, nuanced performance from Forest Whitaker deserving of an Oscar. The movie was a bit disjointed, and didn't really pay off on any of its dramatic intentions, but Whitaker made it worth watching; C+

The Hole (1960): Channeling Dassin's Rififi, one of my favorite films, this was a matter-of-fact observation of a prison escape. The film watches as the men go through the arduous, risky tasks of escaping from a jail; with an observant eye, a fabulous conclusion and lots and lots of banging, my #3 film of 1960, A

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